Chaining switches

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Chaining switches

Postby fertyty » Wed Dec 26, 2007 10:23 am

Greetings all,

Looken for a bit of advice; currently I’ve got a 15 to 17 station LAN, (plus a few extra servers ports,) running off from 3 different 8 port 10/100 switches. The way I’ve got it configured its running from the router to switch 1, switch 1 then feeds both switch 2 and 3 and the lines go out to the PC’s from there.

What I’d like to know how much, on average, do you exalted gurus of the networking heavens think I’m degrading my signal on the subsequent jumps through routers?

I’m looking to upgrade to gigabit but I’m trying to see where my money would be best spent, in a single 24 + port switch or in multiple 8 port switches set up similarly to the way I have it above, or a better way if you have info on that. Price wise I’m looking at a significant difference, would I be in performance as well?

Thanks for the information, and happy holidays to all!

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Postby kostyanj » Thu Dec 27, 2007 2:59 pm

Really it makes no difference if you're using 3 8port switches or 1 24port switch. If they're all powered switches, the signal is not being degraded at all (or at least any noticeable amount). Upgrading to gigabit is good if all the computers on the network have gigabit nics. Also make sure that all your cables are either Cat 5e or Cat 6.
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